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RathGibson, Inc., headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, is a leading specialty manufacturer of highly engineered premium stainless steel and alloy welded tubular products. RathGibson's products are designed to meet customer specifications and are used in environments that require high-performance characteristics, such as exceptional strength and the ability to withstand highly corrosive materials, extreme temperatures or high pressure. RathGibson sells over 1,000 products to approximately 30 countries in diverse end-markets, including (i) chemical/petrochemical processing and power generation; (ii) energy; (iii) food, beverage and pharmaceuticals; and (iv) general commercial. RathGibson's customers include OEMs, large engineering firms and tubing distributors that resell the products to end-users, bundle the Company's products with complementary products, or further form and/or reconfigure the products to resell complete tubing solutions. The Company also generates significant international sales to foreign customers. The Company generates total net sales of approximately $200 million.

RathGibson, Inc. currently operates two state-of-the art production facilities in Janesville, Wisconsin and North Branch, New Jersey.

RathGibson, Inc. was acquired by Castle Harlan, Inc. in February of 2006.

Additional Information:

  • Company Name: RathGibson
  • Headquarters Location: Janesville, Wisconsin
  • Year of Initial Investment: 2006