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Our Approach

We are patient but creative investors. We look for investments marked by characteristics that we know we can leverage to create profitable growth and solid long-term returns for our investors. Our principal investment criteria are:

Strong Market Position

A business with a leading or strong market position can better maintain its profitability and competitive edge, even while expanding into new markets.

Established Business

We look for businesses that have shown they can survive amid difficult or changing market conditions. Stamina is essential for long-term growth.

Moderate Growth

Experience has taught us that companies able to achieve moderate but steady growth can be excellent long-term performers and platforms for expansion.

Partnering With Management

A true partnership with the management of an acquired company offers a new owner the best chance of maximizing the company's success and its shareholders' return on their investment.

Sensible Pricing

We look for businesses that are realistically priced in terms of their growth prospects and fundamental value in the marketplace.

Building Global Reach

CHAMP Private Equity is a highly successful partnership between Castle Harlan and one of Australia's premier private equity firms - two enterprises with similar values and investment strategies and a common desire to extend their reach.

Working with Our Limited Partners

Castle Harlan's financial and administrative functions are handled with the same qualities of integrity, experience and professionalism that characterize the firm's investment operations.