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Horizon Lines Holding Corp.

Horizon Lines, LLC, is the nation's leading Jones Act container shipping and logistics company accounting for approximately 37% of total U.S. marine container shipments from the continental U.S. to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii/ Guam. Horizon is the largest container shipping company operating under the Jones Act, which requires that maritime trade between U.S. ports be conducted exclusively by companies owned and incorporated in the U.S. that use ships built and registered in the U.S. and that employ predominantly American crews. The company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, owns 16 vessels and approximately 21,700 cargo containers of varying specifications, and provides comprehensive shipping and logistics services in multiple markets. Horizon recorded revenues in fiscal 2003 of more than $830 million. Horizon Lines, LLC was acquired by Castle Harlan, Inc. in July of 2004.

Additional Information:

  • Company Name: Horizon Lines Holding Corp.
  • Headquarters Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Year of Initial Investment: 2004